WRTG 391 Week 7 Discussions Latest-UMUC



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WRTG 391 Week 7 Discussions Latest-UMUC

WRTG 391 Week 7 Discussions Latest-UMUC


WRTG 391 Week 7 Discussions Latest-UMUC

Analyzing a Literature Review, Part II

This discussion thread is designed to further help you see how a synthesis of sources essay, or literature review, is organized.

Please download the sample literature from the 100-level psychology class.

Sample_Lit Review_with Notes_391.docx

Please note that this literature review is more informal than the one on the CSI effect by Maeder and Corbett that you read last week. You will notice a level of informality in its tone and language. In addition, it is not perfect in its synthesis of sources. Moreover, the author cites only six sources throughout the review. Overall, this is a literature review written for a 100-level class.

Please keep in mind that you literature review might not be as sophisticated as the one by Maeder and Corbett. Nonetheless, it provides a helpful demonstration of how one can analyze studies, synthesize sources, and divide a review into categories.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. In the introduction, what is the thesis statement for this paper?
  2. In this section, the author mentions limits to the study by Oliver and Wardle. What are the limits of this study, according to the writer?
  3. In the section “Influence of Eating Behavior on Later Moods,” the writer cites only one source. If you were to give her advice on this section, what advice might you give her to help her develop it more effectively? Feel free to search in the library databases for articles on this topic or to suggest key words for her to search on.
  4. As a result of having read this article, please write a few sentences about what you might have learned about synthesizing sources.

Please provide one response to one classmate using 1+1 feedback (please refer to the Week Zero folder in the main Content if needed on correct use of this response format) by Sunday, April