SEC 435 Week 10 Lab Assignment 8 Latest-Strayer



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SEC 435 Week 10 Lab Assignment 8 Latest-Strayer

SEC 435 Week 10 Lab Assignment 8 Latest-Strayer


SEC 435 Week 10 Lab Assignment 8 Latest-Strayer

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Lab Assignments

Submit each lab based on the following:

  1. Log into the EC-Council iLab environment.
  2. Complete the weekly lab assignment described below using EC-Council iLab.
  3. Submit the screenshots for the steps specified in each lab assignment.
  4. Write a short answer in Word format and include with the assignment submission link the following:
    1. Summarize the technical experiences in completing the lab assignment.
    2. Identify the commands that were of greatest benefit to you.
    3. Provide general comments on the overall lab assignment experience.

Note: This is an academic writing assignment. Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling are necessary. Points may be deducted for poor writing.

Lab Assignment 8
Due Week 10 and worth 50 points

Complete the following EC-Council Labs.

Note: Lab 8 contains deliverables that are partially derived from the following course required textbook: EC-Council Press. (2017). Secure Network Operating Systems and Infrastructures. (2nd ed.). Cengage Learning.

Lab Version Module Title Location Lab #: Title Deliverable(s) for Submission
SEC 435

(CEH v9)

Cloud Computing iLab
Lab 1 (Exercise I): “Building a Cloud Using OwnCloud and Wampserver” 1. Screenshots after 15, 22, 30, and 58
Lab 2 (Exercise II) “Transferring Cloud Data Over Secure Channel” 2. Screenshots after 10, 15, 19, and 34
SEC 420

(CEH v9)

Cryptography iLab
Lab 1 (Exercise I): “Calculating MD5 Hashes and Verifying File Integrity Using Quick Checksum Verifier” 3. Screenshot after Step 15

4. Textbook: Secure Network Infrastructures – Chapter 4 Questions 1-2

Lab 2 (Exercise III): “Basic Data Encryption Using VeraCrypt” 5. Screenshots after Steps 8 and 27
Lab 3 (Exercise IV): “Basic Data Encryption Using CrypTool” 6. Screenshots after Steps 8 and 28

Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.