SEC 435 Week 1 DQ Latest-Strayer



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SEC 435 Week 1 DQ Latest-Strayer

SEC 435 Week 1 DQ Latest-Strayer


SEC 435 Week 1 DQ Latest-Strayer

You will need to create your own original thread.   The create thread button is in the upper left corner once you click on the link above.

“Session Hijacking” Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs, and have at least one response to another student of at least one paragraph:

  • Consider the “What if” case in Chapter 1 from the Book: Web Applications and Data Servers and respond to one or more of the questions asked.
  • Research the web, and discuss any recent story concerning session hijacking. Provide summary and discussion on what might have been done to prevent such hijacking, or how such hijacking can be recognized.
  • Any current topic or article related to penetration techniques.
  • The instructor insight.

While the minimum requirement is an original and single response, one can get much more from the class by going beyond minimums and engaging in conversation with your professor or other students.  I encourage one to go beyond the minimum and those that can engage in four or more posts will truly learn much more than what is just in the physical classroom or text books.   I do give bonus points for extra work assuming quality, and good writing.

I take the rubric seriously so I grade 20 percent of the post on style, format, and writing.   So please use good paragraphs, don’t write in mounds of text, and bury ideas.   Use salutations in both the subject line and the message.   Use proper citations for any sources one uses.  Never cut and paste from the web or other source and use it by itself as an original post, or response.   Use direct quotes properly tied to your words, or if you want to share an article or other material, do so as an additional post, with proper citation.