PROJ 420 Week 7 DQs



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PROJ 420 Week 7 DQs


Week 7 Discussion 1 Post Project Review

Given the structure of the review, what do you feel is the most important component? Explain why. What is its benefit to the process?

You are the Project Manager for a just-completed project, and you are organizing the workshop meeting. How will you decide who should be included in the review process?

Large project, many steakholders, want them all?  How about sublevel meetings in each department and then bring together the department heads?

Do you think the post-project review is necessary? Why? (Tell me what you think about the process, if you don’t think it’s necessary.)

Just how important do you think lessons learned is? Why?



Week 7 Discussion 2 The ATOM Process

We have now covered the steps of the ATOM process. What is your opinion of the process as it relates to risk management? What are its benefits? What are its drawbacks? What benefits do you see to following these steps?

You are the Project Manager for a large project, and you have included an ATOM risk management process in the project plan. Management is not sold on it; they think it isn’t necessary. How would you convince them that it is necessary?