PROJ 420 Week 5 DQ



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PROJ 420 Week 5 DQ

One of the key elements in building a risk response is appropriateness. How would you describe what this concept means? Think in terms of what it means to you, not what you have read about the idea.

Would anyone care to discuss the risk of our nations highway and bridge infrastructure? The MN I35 bridge failure has caused the entire nation to relook the stability of our bridges.

I want to start this off as a free lance discussion centered on risk and not necessairly the tragedy associated with this incident. Along the line of the Katrina discussion where we centered on the storm and what could have been done differently and not the lives lost but how to avoid the lives lost in many cases.

Example; if a risk includes new and old computer software working together, is it worth accepting the risk because the realization is you will have to upgrade your software system at some point?