PROJ 420 Week 4 DQs



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PROJ 420 Week 4 DQs

Week 4 Discussion 1 Communications

Communication is an essential element of all of the steps of the ATOM process. The Assessment step is no exception as we work through the classification of the risks. How would you describe the elements of communication that are essential to any interaction?

You are a member of the risk workshop, and one of the other members is sticking fast to their assessment of the probability of a risk even though everyone else disagrees. What would you do to communicate to them that they are delaying the process?

The risk owner who was nominated for a particular risk wants no part of the process, yet he or she is the best option for successfully managing the risk. How would you go about convincing him or her to accept the job?

What do you want to know about communications or do you have an experience about communications you can share? This can be either a very good communications or a communication that went really really bad.

Week 4 Discussion 2 The Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure (WBS) provides the backbone of the project, giving it a consistent and visible framework. The WBS offers uniformity in definition and consistency of approach. Some might consider that uniformity a benefit; others might see it as restricting creativity. What do you think?

New concept, what I would like each person to do as a first posting is that after you have read the lecture, I would like for you to ask a question that you have about the lecture this week.

What do you want to know?

Is there some area that you want to know more about?

Would you like to know other class members ideas on this?

What is their opinion?

How would they identify items in their project (or yours if you list it).

The subject should be about the “Work Breakdown Structure “.

My question would be that when you and your project team are creating a WBS from the scope statement how often does schedule, budget, and resources match up exactly?  If a problem arises with any of those items is it hard to get extensions on any of the items to ensure the project is completed properly or do you just have to deal with it at the point and hope you can make up time or money along the way?

In modern business, there is so much going digital and video conferenceing, etc but I guess that I am old school and have done so well with direct hands on. I dont blieve that business will ever realistically outgrow actual hands on.

Would conducting a risk assessment/evaluation help?

One of the most important elements of a project is the Work Breakdown Structure. This element is supported by many elements of the project. In this first posting, I want you to identify the importance of the WBS, as you see it, and discuss what supports that idea for you. Relate this to Risk Identification.

Name some of the elements that support your comment.

How will these various elements aid you in the identification of risk and if so, will they aid you early enough in the project to be.

I may ask a question in the quiz that would sound very much like: If I were reviewing a project for risk, what elements would I find useful in helping me? Got a clue as to what they are?