PROJ 420 Week 3 DQs



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PROJ 420 Week 3 DQs

Week 3 Discussion 1 MRP Process

Discuss the inputs required for the MRP process and the role played by the bill of materials.

This is all true here- tell me if that is the case what is the relationship between BOM and master scheduling?

Do you think we can do one without the other in any production situation? if yes why and if no why not? your thoughts please. Thanks

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Week 3 Discussion Risk Identification

The project charter usually will include assumptions about the risks the project will face. These assumptions may or may not be correct. Once the risks are identified, what do you think would be the way to verify or refute these assumptions?

Can you list and describe the inputs, tools, and outputs of the risk identification process.

Brainstorming is an essential tool in the identification step. But it can get off track easily. How would you keep it from getting out of hand? What are some other tools that you can use?