PROJ 420 Week 2 DQs



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PROJ 420 Week 2 DQs

Week 2 Discussion 1 The Initiation Step

The goal of the initiation step is to identify the project objectives. This is a different view from what has been accepted practice in risk management. Why do you think this is a better approach?

Do you think that a supportive stakeholder will have more influence on the project than a non-supportive one? Why?

Small projects don’t usually require the same level of analysis as larger projects. How do you decide on the size of the project?

Week 2 Discussion 2 Reporting

Reports are an essential part of communication, and as we have discussed, communication is best when it is targeted for its audience. You have the completed risk report and you will be presenting it to management. Will you present the whole report, parts of it, or a revised version? Explain your choice.

Typically, upper management is not interested in reading long reports. What can you do to get them to understand the findings of the Risk Assessment without making the report too simplistic and having them miss the possible impact of the risks?

Would you send the entire report to all of the interested parties, such as stakeholders, management, and the project team? Why or why not?

Week 2 Discussion 2 Risk Identification

The unknown risks are ones that we can’t identify because they have never happened. But they can affect the project as much and even more than those we can identify. How can we deal with this problem?

In the initiation meeting, the stakeholders will assess the risks based on probability and impact. Why is this necessary?

In a large company, what level of management do you think would most often be key stakeholders? How about in a small company?