PROJ 420 Week 1 DQs



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PROJ 420 Week 1 DQs

Week 1 Discussion 1 Why Should We Practice Risk Management

In the course of our everyday activities, we take many risks. Some of them are very real to us and some we hardly notice. In the business world, risks can affect the company in many ways, even to the extent of causing it to go out of business. Now that you have read about risk management and the reasons for doing it and not doing it, let’s talk about the risks you face in your everyday life and why you would choose to do risk management.

Can risk be exiciting? Can you give us some examples of “crazy risk” that you may have encountered?

Week 1 Discussion 2 The ATOM Risk Management Process

The ATOM Risk Management Process is designed to be a simple, scalable format for performing risk management that can be applied to any project. Why do you think that it is a benefit to carry out a risk management process?

We have talked about the benefits of a risk management process. Why do you think that so many companies still do not do risk management routinely?