POLI 330 Week 4 Quiz



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POLI 330 Week 4 Quiz

(TCO 3) Who generally belongs to interest groups?

(TCO 3) Why did the 2010 healthcare reform bill contain no provision for public insurance options?

(TCO 3) Many interest groups are brought about by government, insofar as they are _____.

(TCO 3) Some interest groups maintain a low profile by promoting their objectives without _____ them.

(TCO 3) By welcoming new groups into their ranks, parties _____.

(TCO 3) The American electoral system is based on the British “first past the post” (FPTP) system, named so because _____.

(TCO 3) Today’s voters tend to be _____ loyal to their parties compared to the past.

(TCO 3) _____ gives people a stake in election outcomes, and education raises levels of interest and sophistication.

(TCO 3) What impact does beginning to pay taxes have on young people’s relationship to voting?

(TCO 3) _____ regions may harbor economic and cultural resentments at being ruled by a distant capital.