POLI 330 Week 3 TCO Assessment



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POLI 330 Week 3 TCO Assessment

(TCO 2) As we have been discussing, throughout history, many people were not fans of pure democracy. One of the reasons for this was the idea of factions, as addressed in Madison’s Federalist No. 10. So what is the definition of a faction?

TCO 2) Why are factions a threat to a democratic government?

(TCO 2) According to Madison, what are the two ways to remove the cause of a faction?

(TCO 2) From your reading, please distinguish why the two ways to remove a faction are not effective.

(TCO 2) What is it about human nature that causes factions to form?

(TCO 2) Differentiate the characteristics of a pure democracy from a republic.

(TCO 2) In referencing Madison, provide at least two reasons explaining why a republic can do a better job of controlling the effects of faction than a pure democracy.

(TCO 2) Assess Madison’s argument. Do you find that a republican form of government is the best way to control factions, in contrast to pure democracy? And how do you think this system has worked in controlling the factions over time?