POLI 330 Week 3 Quiz



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POLI 330 Week 3 Quiz

(TCO 2) A(n) _____ is a political system without a monarch.

(TCO 2) To Aristotle, the legitimate form of government by the few is _____.

(TCO 2) Which of the following might lead you to believe Great Britain has a quasiunitary system of government?

(TCO 2) In _____, representatives are elected based on their party’s percentage of the vote.

(TCO 2) If the Green Party receives 15% of the vote in a proportional system, which of the following is likely to happen?

(TCO 2) Welfare states tend to have which of the following combinations of state ownership and welfare benefits?

(TCO 2) The ability of courts to decide if laws are constitutional is referred to as _____.

(TCO 2) Modern conservatism adopts elements of which of the following?

(TCO 2) Right-wing totalitarianism does not desire revolution; instead, it attempts to block _____.

(TCO 2) What are features of an all-encompassing ideology?