POLI 330 Week 1 Quiz



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POLI 330 Week 1 Quiz

(TCO 1) Which best explains the differences between historians and political scientists?

(TCO 1) The statement “Man is by nature a political animal” is attributed to _

(TCO 1) When people base their views on beliefs that may not be based in reality, they are behaving _____.

(TCO 1) Which of the following best exemplifies sovereignty?

(TCO 1) Issues related to a border dispute between the United States and Canada would relate to _____.

(TCO 1) A(n) _____ is an initial theory a researcher starts with to be proved with evidence.

(TCO 1) Reason, balance, and theory pertain to which of the following?

(TCO 1) Relating concepts in a way that connects them in an empirical manner is the basis of _____ building.

(TCO 1) The subfield of _____ studies major thinkers and attempts to define the good polity.

(TCO 1) Which are both true for most political scientists?