POL 300 Week 9 Quiz Latest-Strayer



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POL 300 Week 9 Quiz Latest-Strayer

POL 300 Week 9 Quiz Latest-Strayer


POL 300 Week 9 Quiz Latest-Strayer

Question 1

The text suggests labeling as Central Europe

Question 2

“Soft power” is

Question 3

By the 1990s West Europe had become a single

Question 4

The original six members of the Common Market include all but

Question 5

A ___________ is looser than a ___________.

Question 6

The ________ was the precursor to the Common Market.

Question 7

The 1991 __________ treaty aimed at a single European currency.

Question 8

The NATO treaty covers

Question 9

In _____, ___________________ pulled out of Yugoslavia; then ______________ pulled out in _____, leading to bloodshed.

Question 10

Fifteen EU members now use the

Question 11

According to U.S. Secretary of State Stimson, the ____________ led straight to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.

Question 12

Japan has _______________ foreign imports.

Question 13

In 1622, Japan ______ foreigners and ______ local Christians.

Question 14

Perry first entered Tokyo Bay in

Question 15

The lucky break at Pearl Harbor was that

Question 16

Declaring a firm policy but not supporting it militarily is a

Question 17

The atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were probably

Question 18

The later impact of a policy choice is a(n)

Question 19

“Let China sleep,” warned

Question 20

The first European mariners to reach Asia were the