POL 300 Week 4 Quiz Latest-Strayer



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POL 300 Week 4 Quiz Latest-Strayer

POL 300 Week 4 Quiz Latest-Strayer


POL 300 Week 4 Quiz Latest-Strayer

Question 1

The penetration of crime into politics characterizes the __________ state.

Question 2

Distributing wealth to supporters is called

Question 3

Angola, a _______________ colony, won its freedom in _______.

Question 4

The descendants of the boers are now called

Question 5

The Boer War pitted ____________ against _____________.

Question 6

After Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963,

Question 7

In 1980, Rhodesia became

Question 8

In 1975, Portugal finally got out of

Question 9

The agonizing problem of decolonizing India was

Question 10

Originally, the Belgian Congo was

Question 11

Including the two wars Israel fought in Lebanon, how many Arab-Israeli wars have there been?

Question 12

The Balfour Declaration

Question 13

In 1967, Israel won the following area(s):

Question 14

In 1948-49, Israel won about ______ of the Palestine mandate.

Question 15

Prior to 1921, Jordan was part of

Question 16

The key event in the founding of political Zionism was the

Question 17

At the turn of the century, Palestine was a(n)

Question 18

The new state of Israel was recognized by

Question 19

In 1956, the U.S.

Question 20

The 1973 war ended with a strategic psychological tie for both Israel and Egypt, but a tactical victory for