NETW 563 Chapter 2 Review Questions Answers Revised



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NETW 563 Chapter 2 Review Questions Answers Revised

Each of the following is a category of security protection that can be implemented using WLANs except

Each of the following is another name for a MAC address except

MAC address filtering can be implemented by either permitting or ____ a device.

Cryptography depends upon a process used to encrypt and decrypt messages based on a procedure called a(n)

Keys that create a repeating pattern are known as

A WEP shared secret key is used to encrypt cleartext but not decrypt ciphertext. True or False?

The IEEE standard also specifies that the access points and devices can hold up to four shared secret keys, one of which must be designated as the default key. True or False?

Another name for the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is the integrity check value (ICV). True or False?

The initialization vector (IV) is a 24-bit value that changes each time a packet is encrypted. True or False?

The initialization vector (IV) is part of the shared secret key that must be installed individually on each wireless device. True or False?

Wireless authentication requires the _____and not the user to be authenticated prior to being connected to the network.

An optional authentication method known as ______________ uses the WEP default key.

With _____ scanning a wireless device simply listens for a beacon frame for a set period of time and once a wireless device receives a beacon frame and the SSID it can then attempt to join the network.

_____ is the process of transferring a user from being associated from one access point to another.

An attacker using a(n) ___ attempts to create every possible key combination by using a program to systematically change one character at a time in a possible default key.

Explain how an attacker can still capture the SSID over the airwaves even if it is turned off in beaconing frames.

What is a brute force attack?

Explain how WEP violates the cardinal rule of cryptography.

What is a weakness of RC4?

How did WEP2 attempt to address security vulnerabilities?