NETW 207 Week 7 Course Project



Product Description

NETW 207 Week 7 Course Project

This Session, you will be required to submit a packet tracer based project for the Cisco Networking Academy – Introduction to Switching with Lab (NETW207) course.


The purpose of the project is for you to become familiar with creating Network Topologies, maintaining the network, expanding the network with new protocols that you will learn, and properly documenting the changes you have made during the session.

This is a weekly project that you will build upon, SAVE AND DON’T LOSE IT!!! You will add to this every week and by week 8, you will have a network that encompasses all the topics you have learned in the three Cisco Networking Academy courses. The image on page 2 is the Network Topology that you will replicate in packet tracer and configure based on the instructions below.