NETW 206 Course Project



Product Description

NETW 206 Course Project

For this project, you will be working in a team to redesign a campus area network for an enterprise customer. You will be completing an assessment of the business goals, a design of a new network to meet these goals, developing a new IP addressing scheme, and documenting network topology with Visio. The complete project outline is found in this document.

At the beginning of class, the instructor will post the teams that will be made up of three or four individuals (numbers may vary in some cases) that will form the basis of working on the projects. There are several resources for working with teams outlined on the Course Project page in the course shell.  Your team will have discussion forums available each week and real-time chat/meeting forums available in the course shell.

A team contract will need to be completed and uploaded to your professor in Week 1. It will not be graded, but it has to be completed by each team member and uploaded into the Dropbox. The Peer Review will need to be uploaded to the Dropbox in Week 4 by each team member. The Week 4 Project Status report will need to be uploaded to the Dropbox in Week 4 by one team member. The final Course Project and peer reviews are due in Week 7. Each team member will upload to the Dropbox an end-of-project Peer Review in Week 7.