NETW 204 Assignment 2



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NETW 204 Assignment 2

Each answer is worth 1 point each, 50 questions = 50 total points. Type answers in the appropriate cell; text will automatically wrap. Post your completed assignment to the dropbox.

Distance Vector Routing Protocols

| Question | Answer |
1 | What does RIP stand for? | Routing Information Protocol |
2 | What metric does RIP use for Path Selection? | Hop Count |
3 | If the metric used by RIP exceeds this value for a route it is considered unreachable, effectively making this value appear to be infinity to RIP? | 15 |
4 | How often does RIP send updates by default(update timer)? | 30 seconds |
5 | What are the main differences between RIPv1 and RIPv2? | The RIPv2 includes the next hop address in the routing tables where as the RIPv1 does not. |
6 | What is convergence and why is it important? | This is when all the routing tables of the routers are consistent with each other. A network can not operate until the network has converged. |
7 | Is RIP considered to be a fast or slow converging protocol? | A slow converging protocol |

For the simple 3 router network (Figure 1), fill in the information that would be in each router’s routing table once the network has converged (see example in Chapter 4, pages 192-193).

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