MKTG 410 Phase 1 Individual Project Latest-CTU



Product Description

MKTG 410 Phase 1 Individual Project Latest-CTU

MKTG 410 Phase 1 Individual Project Latest-CTU


MKTG 410 Phase 1 Individual Project Latest-CTU

8–10 PowerPoint slides with 100–150 slide notes plus a title, introduction, and reference slide


Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus.

NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

Your company’s board of directors is interested in the international marketing plan proposal and has asked you to do a cultural audit. Your audit will explore two main areas: (1) cultural factors related to doing business in this particular country, and (2) a competitive analysis.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation organized as follows:

1. Cultural Factors

o Slide 1: Briefly describe the country’s history and its relevance to its current cultural state today.

o Slide 2: Identify customer demographic trends that are related to business activities in this particular country.

o Slide 3/4: Briefly discuss customers and traditions of the country’s citizens and how these can possibly influence business there.

o Slide 4/5: Identify and discuss language issues and any other cultural implications of introducing your product in this country.

o Slide 6: Provide an assessment of the geographic region and why this is a good fit for your company’s product.

2. Competitive Analysis

o Slide 7/8: Analyze the industry in this particular country. Perform a SWOT analysis. For more on how to conduct a SWOT analysis,”>

o Slide 8/9: Based on what you learned in the competitive research, apply the four Ps of marketing to your specific product by outlining the following:

  • Product (the features and benefits of the product)
  • Place (one possible outlet to sell the product in this particular country)
  • Price (one price strategy to consider in this particular market based on your competitive analysis)
  • Promotion (one promotional strategy to consider in appealing to your new global customers)

o Slide 9/10: Conclusion: Based on everything you researched, present a brief analysis of any similarities between the domestic and international markets, any particular challenges and how you will manage those challenges in your selected country.