MKTG 302 Present a research proposal about any topic of your choice



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MKTG 302 Present a research proposal about any topic of your choice

You are required to present a research proposal about any topic of your choice with the following headings:

Research Problem

Managerial decision

Research Objectives

Above is the question and below is my Answer but my lecturer said i need to GAP the need and opportunity but in case you don’t understand my solution then kindly come up with unique idea. Which ever idea you bring  kindly use the follow formate Research Problem,

Managerial decision,  Research Objectives . Thanks

Research Problem

ABC Company looking for a 40 acres of land to build an Hotel and they have budget plan of $10 million but unfortunately the sweet-able property they saw will cost them $15 million and it’s 50 acres. But it has great features and the CEO need me the Senior Marketing Research Manager to confuse him about the property.

Managerial Decision:

The CEO like the property but to be on safe side he needs me to give them genuine reason why i think investing on this property will bring the organization goodwill, and they need me to give them few clear points to back up my reason.

Research Objectives:

After Environmental Scanning. I find out that the people don’t only need Hotel in the area but they will also welcome Resort and Shopping Mall, though they didn’t tell me their needs but i find out after the third day of my environmental scanning.

At this stage I tailor the beautiful advantage of the properties because I know that his major concern is the $5m. But as for me, the property is in a grown city and on a elevated hills which will give the business opportunity to attract customers from both North, West, South and East of the vicinity. Been 50 acres will also give us opportunity to Build Shopping Mall and Resort which will enhance the sales and services of the Hotel, Resort and Shopping Mall and the project will attract companies and investors to invest in the city.

And i believe that having modern business with latest technology in a grown city will increase the population of residential and also encourage tourist  and businessmen to patronize either Hotel, Resort or Shopping Mall and that will surely be great merit on ROI.  With Resort and Shopping Mall, I believe that he will get back the extra $5m in less than 36 months and I will make him understand that he won’t regret investing in such area because  it will exceed his customer expectations, add value and generate handsome Return On Investment (ROI).