MKTG 1050 Perception in organizational behavior



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MKTG 1050 Perception in organizational behavior

Course: Organizational behavior

Question: Some people believe that perception is a more important explanation of behavior than is reality. Why is this assumption about perception made?

Key notes:  700-750 with at least 4 reputable sources. You have to research on it and avoid plagiarism

Please relate everything to organizational behavior

Course: Organizational Behavior
Essay format 😛 Relate everything to Organizational behavior
5 Introduction – give guidance to your reader
Include definitions
Explain your understanding – including any model/figure
Include examples as evidence of explanation
Critically analysize why the topic is important – to the examples/to
organizational behavior
6 Conclusion 50% Referencing and citations– APA style
Formatting/proof reading/deadline
At least 4 reputable sources
Word count 700-750 words double line spacing
Safe assign evidence
Avoid plagiarism or efface huge penalty