MGT 6000 According to Blanchard and Peale



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MGT 6000 According to Blanchard and Peale

According to Blanchard and Peale (The Power of Ethical Management, New York: Morrow, 1988), there are three ethical tests that may be useful:

  • Is it legal or within company policy?
  • Is it balanced and fair in the short and long term?
  • Would you be proud if the public or your family knew about it?

Apply each of the tests to the following situations and explain your reasoning:

  • A foreign firm subsidizes its sales in another country
  • A foreign firm dumps its products – at less than cost – in another country
  • A firm imports products that, if made domestically, would’ve violated the laws.

This is not a paper it is just a discussion and need around 300 to 350 words. Need original work and references at the bottom.