MBA ECO You are the United States Trade Representative



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MBA ECO You are the United States Trade Representative

Imagine that you are the United States Trade Representative responsible for briefing the President of the
United States on trade negotiations and the potential effects of trade treaties and partnerships. You will be responsible for preparing a position paper about the Trans­Pacific Partnership, a potentially massive free trade agreement. Read the following articles about the negotiations and political ramifications of the Trans­Pacific Partnership negotiations: The geopolitical importance of the Trans­Pacific Partnership: At stake, a liberal economic order (Links to an external site.) Japan and U.S. ministers to meet for trade talks before summit (Links to an external site.) Putting Congress in Charge on Trade (Links to an external site.) Research how negotiations have progressed since these articles were published.
Write a 500­ to 750­word position paper addressed to the United States President, outlining the various economic and political positions and possible outcomes of the negotiation process. Consider these questions in light of the trade models discussed in the course up to this point.
Include the following in your position paper: The economic effects of the treaty on North and South American nations The economic effects of the treaty on the East and Southeast Asian nations, excluding China The effect of China’s proposed trade partnership that excludes the United States The political dynamics of the Congress and other parties on negotiations A recommendation to the President about whether the United States should join the treaty Include proper APA citations.