MBA 514 Organization Research and Theory Final Exam



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MBA 514 Organization Research and Theory Final Exam

Instruction : Please answer 3 questions. All questions carry equal marks. The layout of your answers should be in paragraph style.

1. A computer technology firm has experienced tremendous growth due to the leadership of a strong top-management team, but the turnover of scientists and researchers has been high. What stage of the organizational life cycle is this company in and what is the crisis it is facing? How can the company resolve this crisis?

2. Value creation at the global levels begins when an organization transfers a core competence to an overseas market. Discuss this statement in details

3. What is the relationship among organizational theory, organizational design and change, and organizational structure and culture? Discuss in details

4. What are the major sources of uncertainty in the environment? Discuss how these sources of uncertainty affect a small biotechnology company and a large carmaker.

5. Pick an organization, such as a local travel agency or supermarket. Describe its organizational domain; then draw a map of the forces in its general and specific environments that affect the way it operates.

6. Under what conditions is an organization likely to prefer (a) a mechanistic structure, (b) an organic structure, or (c) elements of both?

7. What is the origin of organizational culture? Why do different organizations have different cultures?