LAS 432 Week 6 DQ Latest-DeVry



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LAS 432 Week 6 DQ Latest-DeVry

LAS 432 Week 6 DQ Latest-DeVry


LAS 432 Week 6 DQ 1 Latest-DeVry

Technology and Modern Culture (graded)

What are some of the ways that the ease and simplicity of our current technological devices have led us to surrogate our daily responsibilities onto these devices? How do these make us vulnerable to errors, risks, and/or failures? Please include examples, and be as specific as possible.

LAS 432 Week 6 DQ 2 Latest-DeVry

Technology’s Impact (graded)

Cell phones have become a part of Americans’ daily lives, as well as that of other cultures around the globe. Over the past decade, reports that reflect a danger associated with this technology have emerged, although some experts say there is not enough evidence to support these claims. In considering both arguments, assess whether there is causative link between cell phones and brain cancer. Or is it just a coincidence?