LAS 432 Week 4 DQ Latest-DeVry



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LAS 432 Week 4 DQ Latest-DeVry

LAS 432 Week 4 DQ Latest-DeVry


LAS 432 Week 4 DQ 1 Latest-DeVry

Technology and Art (graded)

We normally think of the arts as very different from technologies in spite of the fact that art (with perhaps a few exceptions) is practiced with the help of technology. This practice creates interdependence between technology and art. To what extent does art respond to, or is shaped by, the technology that enables it? To what extent have advanced and accessible digital technologies, such as websites, digital photography, and YouTube, changed the relationship between art and technology? Are these technologies reshaping our attitudes toward artists?

LAS 432 Week 4 DQ 2 Latest-DeVry

Globalization and the Threat to the Environment (graded)

Before we decide what to do about the environment globally, let’s see what we can do locally. What environmental problems are you aware of in the area where you live? What solutions do you think would be most appropriate to solve these problems?