LAS 432 Week 1 DQ Latest-DeVry



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LAS 432 Week 1 DQ Latest-DeVry

LAS 432 Week 1 DQ Latest-DeVry


LAS 432 Week 1 DQ 1 Latest-DeVry

The Role of a Thesis (graded)

A thesis statement plays an important role in the research process. Baase states in her prologue that “Computer technology is the most significant new technology since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.” In doing so, she had to back up this argument with solid scholarly research. To evaluate the strength of her argument, consider for a moment whether she accomplished this goal. How did she do in convincing you of her claim? What were the arguments she used to support her point within Week 1’s reading? Were they enough to convince you that she was right in stating this?

LAS 432 Week 1 DQ 2 Latest-DeVry

Science and Technology (graded)

If the scientific test of a scientific theory is accepted by the community of men and women who are called scientists, does that mean that anything is acceptable as long as enough of the right people agree with it? Does that mean there is no such thing as scientific truth? How, if at all, does science differ from politics, art, or religion?