HOSP 310 Week 1 DQs



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HOSP 310 Week 1 DQs

HOSP 310 Week 1 DQ 1

Why are the baby boomers so important? What impact do you see them having on the hospitality industry in the next few years?  In the longer-term future?  Please refer to Chapter Two as you participate in this discussion.

Tip for Beginning the Discussion: Of course, you can draw from your own experience or your homework for the week, but a good way to begin discussing this question is to answer the first question and then come back a day later.  As the week progresses, we will move into other issues raised by the rest of the class and I.

HOSP 310 Week 1 DQ 2

How do such trends as the changing diversity of the U.S. population, two-income families, changes in family structure, and changing income distribution effect the Hospitality industry? Please refer to Chapter Two, pp. 40-46 primarily, as you participate in this graded TDA. Of course, you may also draw upon web sites, your homework assignment, and your own personal experience in this discussion throughout the week.