GSCM 206 Week 4 Quiz



Product Description


(TCO 8) A product is currently made in a process-focused shop where fixed costs are $10,000 per year and variable cost is $50 per unit. The firm sells the product for $250 per unit. What is the break-even point for this operation?

(TCO 9) A full-service restaurant is considering opening a new facility in a specific city. The table below shows its ratings of four factors at each of two potential sites.
Factor                                              Weight Midtown Bayside
Affluence of local population          .30           40          40
Traffic flow                                         .10            50          20
Parking availability                            .40            30          40
Growth potential                               .20            20         10

The score for Midtown is _____ and the score for Bayside is _____.

(TCO 8) A fleet repair facility has a design capacity to repair 800 trucks per month. However, because of scheduled maintenance of their equipment, management feels that they can repair no more than 600 trucks per month. Last month, two of the employees were absent several days each and only 500 trucks were repaired. What is the utilization of the repair shop last month?

(TCO 8) A bakery has a design capacity to bake 200 loaves of bread a day. However, because of scheduled maintenance of their equipment, management feels that they can bake 100 loaves a day. Yesterday the gas was turned off while the city was repairing a leak and only 22 loaves where baked. What was the efficiency of the ovens yesterday?

(TCO 8) Breakeven is the number of units at which

(TCO 8) Actual output as a percent of design capacity is

(TCO 9) A location decision for an appliance manufacturer would tend to have a(n)

(TCO 9) Globalization of the location decision is the result of all of the following except

(TCO 9) Evaluating location alternatives by comparing their composite (weighted-average) scores involves

(TCO 8) What is the TOC concept that is used by OMs to manage bottlenecks in an operation?