FIN 3000 Finance Term Paper



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FIN 3000 Finance Term Paper

Need the following paper for Finance Class- must be a detailed analysis of a company. Should be around 3 pages


Term Paper (15 points): Each student is required to conduct a detailed analysis of a company as part of a term paper. The analysis will look at issues like:

  1. Industry description; composition (domestic versus imports; large firms versus small firms); prospects.
  2. Company governance; Board structure; CEO background and track record; organizational chart
  • Company operations; products; geographical penetration
  1. Complete financial ratio analysis – five years and comparison with industry averages or peer firm figures
  2. Stock market history
  3. Bond ratings
  • Management’s assessment in the annual report
  • Your assessment of the company’s present and future prospects. Would you buy stocks in the Company and why?

Sources: Company Reports, International Directory of Company Histories; Hoover’s Handbook of American Business; S&P Industry Surveys; Service Industries USA; Darnay – Manufacturing USA (Industry Analyses, Statistics and Leading Companies); Hoover’s Handbook of American Business (Profiles of Major US Companies); Moody’s Industrial Manual.