Product Description


The process whereby an underwriting syndicate steps in to buy back securities to prevent a larger price drop than that which has already occurred is called.

A contract that obligates the owner to purchase an underlying asset at a specified price on a specified day is a (n) ____________ contract.

Independent brokers who handle the commission broker’s overflow are called:

__________________ is a technique for trading stocks as a group rather than individually, defined as a minimum of at least 15 different stocks with a maximum value of $1 million.

Market stabilization is:

A trade in the multiple of 100 shares is called a (n):

Investing in ____________ is a way for small investors to enjoy the benefits of professional management and diversification.

An aggressive portfolio would have a beta of:

Portfolio risk is comprised of:

Variations in a firm’s tax rate and tax-related charges over time due to changing tax laws and regulations is called:

Which one of the following financial statements conveys a relationship of equality between assets and liabilities plus owners’ equity?

On the balance sheet, total assets minus net fixed assets equals Which of the following are required to file annual reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission?

On the balance sheet, retained earnings represents

Financial statements that must be included in the annual report include the:

The U.S. federal government body that regulates the sale and listing of securities on U.S. financial markets is the:

Which of the following would not be considered in the fixed charge coverage ratio?

An analyst should be careful when conducting ratio analysis to ensure that

The _______________ ratio is computed as earnings before interest and taxes divided by interest expense:

The price/earnings ratio (P/E) is calculated as: