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ENGL 106 proofreading this letter

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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, I would like to say that I enjoy hearing your radio program every morning and keep up the good work. My name is Ms. Jackson and I am a single mother of three daughters.  As a child I was a victim of domestic violence and can remember at three how I would pick up anything I could find to help defend my mother. I always remember reminding myself that I would never allow myself to put myself or my children in harm’s way. Well in March 2016 I learned that my ex-husband forged my signature to obtain a life insurance policy on me with him being the beneficiary of an 175,000 policy with a 10% yearly increase rider and in 2013 I was a victim of domestic violence and I had to receive medical attention and still till this day can see the scares that I have to live with for the rest of my life. The hardest part is that it was my ex-husband and it occurred right in front of my children during a visitation exchange. I am currently going through the process of getting a restraining order for the most recent event and for the 2013 incident after going back and forth to court my ex-husband did not do any jail time and no charges were ever brought against him. After my kids and I went through the traumatic experience in 2013 I was determine to never let the system or never allow my children to go through this situation without having the resources and income to make sure justice is prevailed. So in February 2014 I enrolled in the bachelors of Business Administration degree with a minor in accounting at American InterContinental University. I was ecstatic that I took the courage to pull through the adversity that I had endured and that I was also a step closer to financial freedom. I also enrolled into college with the expectations of being an example to my children of how important it is for them go to college and that vision, goals and accomplishments are possible by having faith, working hard and never giving up. I also got tired of my daughters asking, “Mom you’re still in college, dang how long does it takes to finish college?” That surely motivated me to make sure they knew that it’s important to finish what they start no matter how long it may take. So I am graduating June 24, 2014 with a 3.83 gpa, I was disappointed with myself because up until 11/2015 my gpa was 4.0 but I had  to see the big picture that I was a step closer to not being a statistic and this would also actually be my first long term goal that I’ve actually finished. I am writing this letter because my graduation is in Atlanta, Georgia and I don’t have the funds for me and my kids to attend. It would be a dream comes true for me to actually be there and have my children walk across that stage. It’s also important for me to be there because I have a 11th grader and next year she will also be graduating and heading off to college. This would also be a dream of a life time. I am working hard to get the money up on my own but my monthly income is barely enough to meet my monthly household expenses. I need enough money for airfare,  hotel ,and money to feed my children. I am writing requesting your help with any amount that you can provide that will help me get a step closer to achieving my goal, dream, and academic success. Please find it in your heart to help me and thank you in advance. Attached to this email I’ve attached a picture of me, my kids and proof of my grades and graduation date and ceremony. If you have any other questions I can be reached