ENG 101 Complete Module DQ Pack Latest-Trident



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ENG 101 Complete Module DQ Pack Latest-Trident

ENG 101 Complete Module DQ Pack Latest-Trident


ENG 101 Module 1 Discussion Latest-Trident

DQ 1

What does the word success mean to you?

What does it mean to be successful?

Define success using three supporting points.

Be sure to include details and examples.

Respond specifically to others’ definitions; do you agree? Disagree?

ENG 101 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident

DQ 2

Create a thesis statement for an Analysis essay in which you evaluate and discuss the best location for vacation getaway (educational, romantic, family, or adventurous).

With the thesis statement, be sure to include no less than three supporting points (including details and examples).

Respond specifically to others’ post in which you evaluate thesis statements, supporting points, details, and examples

ENG 101 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident

DQ 3

After reading David Leonhardt’s “We’re Spent,” respond to the following:

  • What is Leonhardt’s main point or thesis?
  • What points, details, examples are used to support his thesis?
  • In what way has what Leonhardt refers to as “a fizzling of the great consumer bubble” impacted you and your life?
  • Identify two points the author makes that you agree and/or disagree with. Be sure to include the author’s point in quotation marks for your reader.

ENG 101 Module 4 Discussion Latest-Trident

DQ 4

After reading Jeff Nixa’s, “A Good Neighborhood,” respond to the following questions:

  • What is Nixa’s thesis, or message to the reader?
  • What “support,” through details and examples, does the author use to make his point?
  • In addition to his discussion on neighborhoods, what other societal issues does the essay address?
  • What does the writer mean by “blindness and coded racism of privilege”?

ENG 101 Module 4 Reflective Discussion Latest-Trident

DQ 4 Reflective

Reflecting on the four modules completed this session, identify the specific readings, assignments, and discussions you found most valuable and enjoyable.

Next, consider some of the writing tools you have learned in this course that you will use in future coursework.

Finally, offer some advice to those who will be taking this course next session so that they may know what to anticipate.