COMP 101 Develop a menu based calculator



Product Description

COMP 101 Develop a menu based calculator

You have been engaged to develop a menu based calculator. Specific requirements are as follows:

Create a calculator applications  that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, +/-, Sin, Cos, Tan, clear, and Modulus.

User is displayed a menu to select an operation.  Then program requests user to enter the required operands.

Write a document with the followings:

– Three scenarios of the program

– Describe the necessary input for each operation

– Give list of variables and their data types

– Give pseudocode

Write C# code

Required to use Loops, nested loops, switch statement, if statement, input, and output statements.  Must use at least three methods.

Include Output

2. Discussion:

Write an application that presents the user with a menu to select a product from a list of 5 products

After user selects the products, programs requests user to select number of units to purchase

Program then prints the message that shows total cost.

Use at least two methods