COLL 148 DeVry Week 5 Complete Work



Product Description

COLL 148 DeVry Week 5 Complete Work


COLL 148 DeVry Week 5 Complete Work

Week 5 Assignments:

Week 5 Journal

Week 5 SMART Learning Plan

Week 5 DQ 1

Below is a job description for an entry-level help desk position.
The prospective employer has asked the top four candidates to explain why he or she should be hired, i.e., what sets them apart from other qualified applicants. Review this week’s You Decide content item to see what each candidate has to say and review their resumes. Then, tell us who you would hire and why.

Week 5 DQ 2

In chapter thirteen, you read about how different types of diversity. One type of diversity is age diversity. Each generation bases their decisions on their own core values. Watch the GENERATIONS video below, then address the questions that follow.