CIS 570 Business Failures



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CIS 570 Business Failures

  • Burger King Outsources VideoExcellent video to demonstrate the negative side of outsourcing!!This is too funny!

  • The IM Manger’s Essential Guide to Outsourcing

    If you cover outsourcing – this site is a must!

    Rich, vibrant and complex, India is an ever-growing international presence. The world’s largest democracy continues as the leading IT outsourcing destination. In fact, revenue from the Indian IT industry has grown tenfold in the last decade, according to the National Association of Software and Service Companies. And this year the total IT sector is expected to grow 28 percent over last year, to more than $47.8 billion in annual revenue. Taking a wider view, India is predicted to have the world’s fifth largest economy within a decade, according to a report by Goldman Sachs.

    In other words, it pays to learn about India. This special report of both brand-new and still-relevant articles will help you better understand this rising power and develop strategies for profitable collaboration.

  • The Top 10 IT Failures

    Top 10 Tech Failures of 2013

    How could project management and outsourcing helped to prevent these failures?