CIS 558 Week 3 Assignment 1 ERM Roadmap



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CIS 558 Week 3 Assignment 1 ERM Roadmap

Realizing that an organization’s CMMI level impacts an organization’ s success on requests for proposals (RFPs), your CIO wants to get the software development processes to CMMI level 3. Your organization has started developing software applications and database systems for their customers. The CIO wants to ensure that the software development and database development processes are being properly managed and audited, and he wants to ensure that the organization begins taking the necessary steps to progress to CMMI level 3. In preparation for your response, review the CMMI information available at the Carnegie Mellon Website.

IT managers will commonly manage software development and systems integration activities. Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

  • Describe the software engineering process, the challenges in managing software development activities, and the potential interface issues from the software development perspective.
  • Analyze the CMMI levels and define a roadmap that the organization will ned to follow in order to get their software development processes to CMMI level three. Note: This is important because the CMMI level that an organization achieves impacts their software development reputation.
  • Explain the auditing tasks that must be performed in order to achieve level 3.
  • Determine the continuous assurance auditing activities that the organization will need to implement to help achieve CMMI level three.
  • Analyze the ITIL service management guidelines and principles.
  • Examine how ITIL service management practices relate to CMMI levels and continuous service auditing.
  • Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment.