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BUS 401 Complete Week DQ Pack Latest-Trident

BUS 401 Complete Week DQ Pack Latest-Trident


BUS 401 Module 1 Discussion Latest-Trident

Geert Hofstede and National Culture

Geert Hofstede is over 80 years old but is still a widely active researcher, consultant, and speaker. His work on cultural dimensions such as individualism and power distance is still widely taught and used in evaluating international business decisions.

For this discussion, go to Youtube or Google video search and find two videos:

One with Geert Hofstede himself speaking or being interviewed

Another video with Hofstede’s dimensions of individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity explained. This doesn’t have to be one with Hofstede himself appearing, just a video that you think explains his concepts well.

Share the links with your classmates and discuss how useful you found the videos. Did they help you understand the materials for this module? What kind of impression did you have of Hofstede and his ideas?

BUS 401 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident

Gambling with Currency

For this discussion try your hand at gambling in the currency exchange market. Take an imaginary $10,000 and purchase some foreign currency at today’s exchange rate, then convert back your foreign currency to dollars in a few days and calculate your loss or gain. For those of you who are high rollers you can “put all your eggs in one basket” and buy just one foreign currency with your $10,000, or for those cautious types you can choose to diversify and purchase multiple currencies.

Many webpages have foreign exchange rates and exchange rate calculators. Some of many include and If you really want to get fancy, register at and get their free currency trading software.

Let your classmates know about your experiences, and share the details of your calculations. Give an initial update of how much money you have made or lost in the first week, and post at least one additional update by the end of the module.

Also, make sure to address the following questions regarding your experience with currency trading:

How does it compare to other types of gambling you’ve done? Would you ever invest in currencies using your own money after reviewing the material in this module and doing some pretend gambling in foreign currencies?

BUS 401 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident

McDonald’s and Adaptation

Almost anywhere in the world you can find a McDonald’s restaurant. However, the menu may be a bit different depending on where you go since they do adapt their menu to meet the local tastes of the countries they operate in. They also use different advertising campaigns in each country.

Go to YouTube and do some searches on “McDonald’s overseas advertisements” or similar searches and find an example of a funny advertisement that McDonald’s has done overseas. You may also find some videos of menu items that you can find at an overseas McDonald’s, or some McDonald’s advertisements in the country that you are studying for your SLP.

Choose a video or two that you think is the funniest or most interesting, and share with your classmates. Then explain the advertisement in the context of why you think McDonald’s has chosen a strategy of product and advertising adaptation and how effective do you think the foreign advertisements that you’ve seen have been. In addition to the videos, also make sure to reference one of the readings from the background materials in your post.

BUS 401 Module 4 Discussion Latest-Trident

Entering India through Outsourcing

In this final discussion I want to take a humorous look at one form of foreign market entry—outsourcing to India. You can of course find various articles on this topic, but let’s end the class on a fun note and instead take a look at the movie Outsourced. The movie was made in 2007 and directed by John Jeffcoat. In general, students have been able to find the movie free online but the links change from time to time. At “press time” this link worked:

Try to watch at least the first 20 minutes. Does this movie you an idea of the challenges of entering a foreign market through outsourcing? Do the cultural differences shown in the movie seem to be consistent with what you’ve read about in the readings so far in the class? Do you think the director made at least a somewhat realistic movie about outsourcing to India?

If the link no longer works, see if you can find the movie online somewhere else. There is also a TV series based on the movie. See if you can find the first episode. At “press time” this link worked:

In general, the TV series should be easier to find than the movie, but it is a lot sillier, so first try to find the movie. If all else fails, try to find an article about a Westerner working in India. Your professor might also be able to find an alternative topic for this discussion.

Keep in mind that this movie relates not only to the concept of foreign-entry mode but also the concept of cross-cultural management and expatriate culture-shock that you read about in Module 1. So make sure to include references to any relevant sources from the Module 1 or Module 4 background readings.

For those of you who end up watching the full movie, please write a review for your classmates to help them decide whether or not they want to finish the movie (no spoilers in your reviews though…).

BUS 401 Module 4 Reflection Discussion Latest-Trident

Summary and Reflection

Which two modules did you find to have the most direct application to current job or future career goals? Which two modules do you think had the least application to your current job or future career goal? For example, if you are planning a career in human resource management you would probably find Module 1 to be the most useful.