BBA 301 Midterm Exam



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BBA 301 Midterm Exam

This Midterm Exam is open-book, you may use your textbooks
and other supporting material for your reference and assistance.
Please answer all questions
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You can submit your work in either Word or Excel format. Q1
In a recent academic year, many public universities in the United States raised tuition and
fees due to a decrease in state subsidies. The change in the cost of tuition, a shared
dormitory room, and the most popular meal plan from the previous academic year for a
sample of 10 public universities were as follows: $1,589
and $308.
What are the mean and standard deviation of the change in the cost? Q2. Conditional Probability
A U.S. Census American Housing studied how U.S. homeowners get to work. The survey
consisted of 1,000 homeowners and 1,000 renters. The result is tabulated in the following
Table: Drives to work Home owners
1000 Renters
1000 Total
2000 a) Given that the respondent drives to work, what is the probability that he or she is a
b) Given that the respondent is a homeowner, what is the probability that he or she
drives to work?
Page 1 of 2 BBA301 QUANTITATIVE & STATISTICAL ANALYSIS REV11AN1 Q3. Continuous Probability
The annual commissions per salesperson employed by a manufacturer of light machinery
averaged $40,000 with a standard deviation of $5,000. What percent of the sales persons
earn between $32,000 and $42,000? Q4.
In New York State, Saving Banks are permitted to sell life insurance. The ability to deliver
approved policies to customers in a timely manner is critical to the profitability of this service.
During the period of 1 month, a random sample of 27 approved policies was selected, and
the total processing time in days recorded as follows:
73 19 16 64 28 28 31 90 60 56 31 56 22 18 45 48 17 17 17 91 92
63 50 51 69 16 17 Draw a histogram for the above data and interpret the histogram 2011