ART 205 How does American Culture define “beauty”



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ART 205 How does American Culture define “beauty”

After viewing the documentary “Taboo: Beauty”, PPT uploaded to the assignment “Documentary Essay” and thinking about what beauty is within your primary culture, you are to discuss one or more of the following questions.  You do not have to discuss all of them.  They are simply a starting point if you have writers block.

  • How does American Culture define “beauty” for men and women?
  • What are some typical “beauty” ideas about men and women within your community?
  • What is considered not beautiful within your cultural community?
  • Where do these ideas originate?
  • How has advertising affected the perception of American beauty?
  • And any other thoughts you may have about what beauty means within your culture.

Below is link to the video if you want or need to watch it again: