ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest



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ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest

ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest


ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest

ACCT 439 Week 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Ethics is Personal

Initial Text: Though ethics involves our professional relationship to clients and our society at large, ethical challenges and how we resolve them have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves, our peers, and our career. With this fact in mind, I want you to think about this study in ethics as “your course.” What do you want from this course? How do you hope to benefit from a deeper understanding of ethics? (I hope that as the course progresses, you will review these thoughts and raise questions to be sure that your concerns are being met, but also that your discussion here helps me to understand and look for opportunities to respond to your individual concerns.)

ACCT 439 Week 1 Discussion 2 Latest

Google versus China

Read the Ethics case Google versus China” on page 41 of your text. Do you think acting legally is the same as acting ethically for a company doing business in a foreign country? Discuss the various ethical dilemmas that Google confronted when it first started operating in China and later on when the company was a victim of a hacker attack allegedly traced back to China.



ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest

ACCT 439 DeVry Week 1 Discussions Latest



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