ACCT 2302 I need to make a good grade on my final test



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ACCT 2302 I need to make a good grade on my final test

Hello, Okay, I have never used the tutoring part before, because I have been trying to learn it on my own. Because of absences I had because of taking care of my children by myself, not doing fabulous on my major tests which count 80% of my grade, I need to make a good grade on my final test. I have done the review from the book, but was wondering if there is anything else I could do or something that would help make it understable and stick better. I’m taking Accounting II using the Accounting 25th edition by Warren, Reeve, Duchac book. My final is over Chapter 22, 25, and 26. Out of

Chapter 22 there are 19 questions  that contain

*Budgets and types of budgets: definitions and how budgets are used

*Calculate variable and fixed costs PE 22-1

*Flexible Budget per unit of production PE 22-1

*Flexible budgets *Diff b/t static and flexible budgets

*Production budgets are used to prepare?

*Master Budget and all budgets that help create it

*Budgeted production in units PE 22-2

*Direct labor budget and how created

Chapter 25 14 questions

*Differential Analysis: Dif. Rev; Dif. Cost; Dif. Income

*Sunk Cost definition and calculation PE25-1A

*Make or buy PE 25-3A

*Read questions carefully for answers in the question

*Opportunity Cost calculation

*Demand based and competition based concepts for setting selling prices

Chapter 26 17 Question

*Capital Investment Analysis

*Average Rate of Return Method information and calculations PE 16-1A

*Average Investment information and calculations PE 26-1A

*Cash Payback Method

*Present Value

*Net Present Value

*Internal Rate of Return

*Present value index


Is there anything extra I can do, or questions I should make sure and look over. I apologize if I’m not doing this right.