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ACC 575 Week 2 Quiz Latest

On May 25, Fresno sold Bronson, a minor, a used computer. On June 1, Bronson reached the age of majority. On June 10, Fresno wanted to rescind the sale. Fresno offered to return Bronson’s money and demanded that Bronson return the computer. Bronson refused, claiming that a binding contract existed. Bronson’s refusal is:

Which of the following contract rights can generally be assigned?

To satisfy the consideration requirement for a valid contract, the consideration exchanged by the parties must be

King sent Foster, a real estate developer, a signed offer to sell a specified parcel of land to Foster for $200,000. King, an engineer, had inherited the land.
On the same day that King’s letter was received, Foster telephoned King and accepted the offer. Which of the following statements is correct under the Statute of Frauds?

Paco Corp., a building contractor, offered to sell Preston several pieces of used construction equipment. Preston was engaged in the business of buying and selling equipment.
Paco’s written offer had been prepared by a secretary who typed the total price as $10,900, rather than $109,000, which was the approximate fair market value of the equipment.
Preston, on receipt of the offer, immediately accepted it. Paco learned of the error in the offer and refused to deliver the equipment to Preston unless Preston agreed to pay $109,000.
Preston has sued Paco for breach of contract.

Jefferson Hardware ordered three hundred Ram hammers from Ajax Hardware. Ajax accepted the order in writing. On the final date allowed for delivery, Ajax discovered it did not have enough Ram hammers to fill the order.
Instead, Ajax sent three hundred Strong hammers. Ajax stated on the invoice that the shipment was sent only as an accommodation.

Nix sent Castor a letter offering to employ Castor as controller of Nix’s automobile dealership. Castor received the letter on February 19. The letter provided that Castor would have until February 23 to consider the offer and, in the meantime, Nix would not withdraw it. On February 20, Nix, after reconsidering the offer to Castor, decided to offer the job to Vick, who accepted immediately. That same day, Nix called Castor and revoked the offer. Castor told Nix that an acceptance of Nix’s offer was mailed on February 19. Under the circumstances,

Nolan agreed orally with Train to sell Train a house for $100,000. Train sent Nolan a signed agreement and a down payment of $10,000. Nolan did not sign the agreement but allowed Train to move into the house. Before closing, Nolan refused to go through with the sale. Train sued Nolan to compel specific performance. Under the provisions of the Statute of Frauds,

Bond and Spear orally agreed that Bond would buy a car from Spear for $475. Bond paid Spear a $100 deposit. The next day, Spear received an offer of $575, the car’s fair market value.
Spear immediately notified Bond that Spear would not sell the car to Bond and returned Bond’s $100.

To prevail in a common law action for innocent misrepresentation, the plaintiff must prove

On September 10, Harris, Inc., a new car dealer, placed a newspaper advertisement stating that Harris would sell 10 cars at its showroom for a special discount only on September 12, 13, and 14. On September 12, King called Harris and expressed an interest in buying one of the advertised cars.

King was told that five of the cars had been sold and to come to the showroom as soon as possible. On September 13, Harris made a televised announcement that the sale would end at 10:00 PM that night. King went to Harris’ showroom on September 14 and demanded the right to buy a car at the special discount.

Harris had sold the 10 cars and refused King’s demand. King sued Harris for breach of contract.

Harris’ best defense to King’s suit would be that Harris’

Which of the following will be legally binding despite lack of consideration?


Egan contracted with Barton to buy Barton’s business. The contract provided that Egan would pay the business debts Barton owed Ness and that the balance of the purchase price would be paid to Barton over a 10-year period. The contract also required Egan to take out a decreasing term life insurance policy naming Barton and Ness as beneficiaries to ensure that the amounts owed Barton and Ness would be paid if Egan died. Barton’s contract rights were assigned to Vim, and Egan was notified of the assignment. Despite the assignment, Egan continued making payments to Barton. Egan died before completing payment and Vim sued Barton for the insurance proceeds and the other payments on the purchase price received by Barton after the assignment. To which of the following is Vim entitled?

On February 12, Harris sent Fresno a written offer to purchase Fresno’s land.
The offer included the following provision: “Acceptance of this offer must be by registered or certified mail, received by Harris no later than February 18 by 5:00 p.m. CST.”
On February 18, Fresno sent Harris a letter accepting the offer by private overnight delivery service. Harris received the letter on February 19.

Which of the following statements is correct?

On June 15, Peters orally offered to sell a used lawn mower to Mason for $125. Peters specified that Mason had until June 20 to accept the offer.
On June 16, Peters received an offer to purchase the lawn mower for $150 from Bronson, Mason’s neighbor. Peters accepted Bronson’s offer.
On June 17, Mason saw Bronson using the lawn mower and was told the mower had been sold to Bronson. Mason immediately wrote to Peters to accept the June 15 offer.

Wilcox Co. contracted with Ace Painters, Inc. for Ace to paint Wilcox’s warehouse. Ace, without advising Wilcox, assigned the contract to Pure Painting Corp. Pure failed to paint Wilcox’s warehouse in accordance with the contract specifications. The contract between Ace and Wilcox was silent with regard to a party’s right to assign it. Which of the following statements is correct?

Teller brought a lawsuit against Kerr ten years after an oral contract was made and eight years after it was breached. Kerr raised the statute of limitations as a defense.

Ames Construction Co. contracted to build a warehouse for White Corp. The construction specifications required Ames to use Ace lighting fixtures. Inadvertently, Ames installed Perfection lighting fixtures, which are of slightly lesser quality than Ace fixtures, but in all other respects meet White’s needs. Which of the following statements is correct?

One of the criteria for a valid assignment of a sales contract to a third party is that the assignment must

Ordinarily, in an action for breach of a construction contract, the statute of limitations time period would be computed from the date the